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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Scorpions already have the premiere name for placement of players into college baseball and beyond. Our mission is to expand on this by earning the respect of professional and college baseball as the organization who develops “baseball players.” We will ensure that our student athletes play the game with respect and understand how to play the game the right way. Through a program focused on Development First then showcasing and competing second, we will ensure that each of our players has a blueprint for individual development. Our goal for each of our players is that he is better, both on and off the field, after he leaves our club than when he came to it.


At both the Youth and High School Level the Scorpions Strive to put development first. Whether you are a 9 year old player or a potential 1st Round Draft pick, there is always room to improve on your game. It is our goal to aid your player development in every way possible. Because of this, we have implemented a model at both levels to ensure our goals and yours are met.


    During the Summer Season, each of our High School Teams will participate in weekly Team Practices/Training Sessions according to each specific teams’ tournament/event schedule. Individual Skills and Team Related Practices are part of these Training Sessions. These training sessions are dispersed through the summer tournament schedule allowing us to prepare and then react in our training to deficiencies we saw in game play.  We will rely heavily on our talented coaching staff to create individual performance plans for each of our players which will be distributed at the end of each season.  In addition to these practices, each of our teams will participate in 3-4+ Major Tournaments.  As we choose our schedule each season, we will seek out the best tournaments with the highest amount of competition and the most exposure for our players.


    At the Youth Level, our goal is to develop our players and not overextend them in terms of amount of games played.  Balancing development, training and game play at the Youth Level is very important.  With this in mind, during both our Spring and Summer Season, we play two tournaments per month and practice twice weekly.  Proper rest and time to play other sports is important as well, so we give adequate time to do both as our seasons last 3/4 months.